NBK (National Basketball) is ready to go and rises strongly


Recently, everyone has been screened by NBK (National Basketball). Today, I will explain NBK to you.

Introduction to NBK

    NBK (National Basketball) is an NFT game based on NBA competitive sports, covering core functions such as NFT star card, blind box draw, event mining, and auction. It also provides a decentralized, safe and convenient one-stop solution. Aiming to create a multifunctional one-stop decentralized asset management wallet system based on the DeFi ecosystem, users only need one wallet address to access all the functions of NBK (National Basketball).

NBK background

    NBK (National Basketball) is created by Duke Computer Lab (Duke Computer Lab) under the Duke Alumni Foundation.

    The Duke Alumni Foundation will explore and promote the actual implementation of blockchain in different application scenarios through the practice of blockchain technology in the NFT field, using traditional well-known star cards and well-known NFT star cards as the underlying assets. Improve the industry standards for NFT transactions, and cooperate with government departments, universities, lawyers, and industry elites to support the introduction of relevant industry governance policies and promote the sound development of the industry.

    Duke Computer Lab DCL (Duke Computer Lab) comes from the top research university in the United States—Duke University of North Carolina. Build an ecological foundation centered on innovative technologies.

Original intention of founding NBK

    Duke Sports is exceptionally good, and it is a representative of American private schools. The American sports channel ESPN named the top ten basketball schools in the United States, and has won the NCAA national championship 16 times in history. Duke has entered 51 NBA players for the NBA, including Jordan’s successor Grant Hill, former Rockets forward Sean Battier, Yao Ming’s peer-to-peer show, Milwaukee Bucks Mike Dunleavy, and Chicago Bulls’ main forward card Los Boozer and Rohr Deng, Dallas Mavericks center Elton Brand, Cleveland Cavaliers draft pick Kelly Irving, and Los Angeles Clippers three-point shooter JJ Redick.

    Therefore, DCL (Duke Computer Lab) will use its own resources to build a sports industry NFT from competitive sports as the core. The mission of DCL (Duke Computer Lab) is to promote the NFTization and blockchainization of the global sports industry

    Basketball is the largest piece of cake in the sports industry, with an annual output value of over 500 billion US dollars, accounting for more than 40% of the entire sports field. It is foreseeable that the market scale of the digital asset sports industry will also be considerable. The ambition of the DCL (Duke Computer Lab) team obviously does not stop there. They plan to start with an explosive game and build the infrastructure of the vertical field of the sports industry in the encrypted world. The goal of DCL (Duke Computer Lab) is to create a top sports competitive game platform in the encrypted world by perfectly integrating distributed encryption technology and traditional sports competitive games.

    As the first game platform launched by the team, NBK (National Basketball) will provide users with a new game experience by solving the problems in the traditional centralized game operation model, thereby achieving a certain scale of user accumulation and verifying the team Well-designed concept to complete the first milestone.

    In the future, DCL (Duke Computer Lab) will open the "key" to confirm the digital world on the basis of NFT business, expand into digital entertainment, value entity NFT and other fields, and promote the application of blockchain technology in a wider range Landing.

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